New adventure: Three reasons why I joined Datadog

I’m thrilled to share with you that I’ve joined @Datadog as a Technical Account Manager! It is inspiring to be able to work alongside such smart and enthusiastic people! In this role, I will be driving the company’s efforts to help organizations adopt new features and to provide guidance over the comprehensive set of Datadog products. I bring to Datadog a deep passion for creating strategic customer relationships from my experience at conferences and other tech companies, where I have led operations and customer communications teams.

I believe that right now, Datadog is a great place to work for various reasons, but here are my top 3:

They make observability FUN

In the past fourteen years of my career, I was a part of several “24/7 Duty teams”. 24/7 means that you would need to stop your lunch or wake up in the middle of the night from an ALERT on your phone, and solve a problem. Even with a detailed notification message, I would still need to check numerous logs, examine the life system, and monitor the customer traffic. It would take ages.

Over the years, I saw Datadog developing a product that turns this tedious process into a fun exercise of looking at beautiful dashboards. What took hours before now takes just a glance at graphs that the system generated automatically. Their unique data analytics platform enables technical teams, especially DevOps, to accelerate this kind of monitoring and ensure application uptime. I am going to be a part of making people’s lives easier.

They keep your business running

Any client – like you and me – often invest lots of go-to-market efforts, particularly during the product launch and system update. I used to combine a wide range of monitoring services to find out more about daily outages and patterns in the client’s behavior. Monitoring was never just a topic that went away after one or two IT-conferences. It is now as relevant as it was ten years ago: Imagine customers who can not check out the goods from their shopping cart because the button or coupon does not work in their browser. Those shoppers are likely to abandon the process, and you can only hope that they come back. Businesses lose money and clients if they do not observe their daily operations effectively.

Datadog provides an overview of all your setup. This information answers the questions: “How healthy and secure is the system?”, “How can the client experience be improved?” and “Which daily issues are affecting the operations?”. As a result, developers and owners have more appropriate and effective control over the systems, and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Company culture

The hiring process was fantastic. Being a remote candidate from a foreign country could be very tough. With @Datadog, everything was on point, and everybody was friendly and flexible. Feedback exchange was always exceptional. Nowadays, everyone can write software. The culture behind is what drives real success.

Look at Datadog’s blog, online workshops, documentation, and use cases. All of them are highly related to real customer scenarios and show how to use the observability on maximum – an outstanding way of treating the users. I’m thrilled to continue this work with clients to help them be successful every day!

Besides of all, Datadog is committed to supporting inclusiveness and diversity in tech. Being a member of the Global Women in Tech community, I am looking forward to meeting exceptional Tech Ladies at Datadog.

If you are interested in learning more – or just want to catch up – let me know. I look forward to crossing paths with many of my colleagues and friends out there soon!