Increasing Sensing Quality of Life: SIM based IoT feature at the Hackference 2016

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In its fourth year, Hackference will take place in one of the most unusual locations in the event’s history. End of October (21.-23.) The Electric in Birmingham, the oldest still running cinema in England, will welcome about 15 selected speakers.

Karina Popova will present how different application possibilities of cellular connectivity and IoT can increase the sensing quality of life. Her main focus will thereby be on the use of multi-network SIM cards for transferring data and for enabling communication between different terminals (M2M).

Increasing Sensing Quality of Life: SIM based IoT connection

A solution of this kind is the network-independent SIM card “wherever SIM“. This SIM card enables users to achieve and maintain a high level of GSM coverage for IoT devices. In addition, the SIM card is located in a private network. Due to this, it obtains an own static IP address. As a result, every access from the outside is secured via a VPN tunnel. The user can manage both, the SIM cards and the terminals, in real time via an intuitive user interface or otherwise directly from the customer’s software application via an easy-to-integrate API for SIM cards. In conclusion already existing but also new processes can easily use this solution. Another feature of the wherever SIM is the possibility of sending and receiving SMS or USSD.

Since the beginning of the conference series, it has been the aim of the Hackference to bring together different groups, from IT novices to experienced programmers. The Hackathon held parallel to the event at Impact Hub Birmingham has become one of England’s largest public hackathons.

Take your chance and listen to Karina Popova!

“Increasing Sensing Quality of Life with a SIM based connectivity solution for IoT”

Karina Popova (whatever mobile GmbH)

21.-23. October 2016

The Electric, Birmingham/UK


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