DevHacks Bucharest: Karina as mentor

On November 19th it’s again that time. As a result, within the DevHacks Bucharest, the Crystal Palace Ballrooms will open its doors to selected Junior Developers. Together with Mike Elsmore from IBM, our colleague Karina Popova will be one of the mentors. to support the developers.
Especially relevant that Karina and Mike already know each other from several coding-sessions and their project about secured data-transfer via SMS using our network-independent wherever SIM. Therefore more details: Blog: Secure data transfer via SMS in case of poor GSM coverage

Karina Popova hackathon mentor

DevHacks Bucharest Hackathon: Karina as mentor

As a mentor, Karina will share her knowledge of the various application possibilities for M2M SIM cards and the benefits they provide. “I’m curious and excited to see how they want to use wherever SIM and which of the different features will be the most interesting for developers. And of course, I’m looking for their various IoT projects. It’s always fun to be part of a hackathon and to get to know more.”

At the end, the hackathon will conclude with an honor ceremony for the most creative code.

Learn more and visit Karina’s workshop:
DevHacks – Crystal Palace Ballrooms
Karina Popova (whatever mobile GmbH)
New Connectivity Feature for IoT: API and SIM Cards
19th – 20th November 2016


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